Maemaar is a self financed Organization for public awareness about good governance and its required systems compatible with Suprasystem.
Please note Any kind of give, take or donations is strictly prohibited. Maemaar have no member or representative in any city or country.


Man can not settle the high affairs of the universe. As we are dealing with big signs external to ourselves, some of which are beyond our experiences for them we require Faith.

Unity is the fundamental cause in the evolution of ordered world and the law of gravity binds all mass together in Universe.

Non Believer’s Faith is based on observation followed by imagination. This requires new FAITH on every discovery of TRUTH which negates their previous FAITH. Globally many civilization’s of powerful rulers following a faith against the purpose and will of the creator has been disappeared without leaving any sign except ruins on the stage of the world in the march of centuries in world history.

Believer’s Faith “In God we Trust” is based on true information revealed by GOD time to time through his Messengers/Teachers and Book (Psalm, Torah, Bible and Quran). Manifestation of every truth provides a new strength to the faith. Civilization based on true information witnessed by time and life can not be ruined. Evil can only corrupt or confuse the values of good, right and TRUTH. Which is warned in the revealed books and teachers always play a role of TIME WARNER.

To repent, amend and correct to restore the true values conforming to the universal Plan, design and order of GOD, is always rewarded by world Leadership to the BELIEVERS. If they do not play their role, then correctness by Nature will let the evil gather momentum and rush with fury to WAR ON BELIEVERS. After great loss, time will unite believers to play a role on the world stage again.

Believer’s faith confirms that universe is created in six days. Universe is based on circle and its construction is on six equal degrees from Radius. Laws are interlocked with one another Hydrostatics, Dynamics, Gravity, Meteorology, Embryology and many other sciences are involved in this phenomenon. The more we know the more we realize how little we know.

The Constitution of matter is pair of opposites. The Atom itself consists of a positively charged nucleus/proton surrounded by negatively charged electrons. Contrast in nature and pair in creatures is universal law of time and life. A deputed ratio of three natural forces Air, Water and Heat work together as a soul in the body. Human society requires a balance of Good, Right and Truth in the civilization in complete consonance with Universal design and order. The Discipline in Faith of Unity brings armoury of Science and knowledge into the services of human being to advance the purpose and will of the Universal Authority.