Maemaar is a self financed Organization for public awareness about good governance and its required systems compatible with Suprasystem.
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Honorable Speaker NANCY PELOSI

Good Morning, 

I wish to invite your kind attention towards a noble job to decode industry culture for compatible coding of I.T. culture through broad based democracy.  I realize the full import of the new world which is being shaped by nature.  The ground of history is being prepared for a new world leader. The human controversies are vain and inconclusive.  If you and we put our trust in “GOD” we belong to one brotherhood.  We should recover the balance that has been upset by evil forces before it is too late.  We cannot change ideology or civilization but we can harmonize diverse culture.  The rules of refined social ethics are as necessary to teach today as it was centuries ago.

Long ago the visionary Kings impressed by the balance of three natural forces AIR, FIRE and WATER, created three institutions EXECUTIVE, PARLIAMENT and JUDICIARY for check and balance.  In the process of time every one tried to balance the sovereign code in an agricultural society.  Later on this balance became popular as democracy.  This paved the way for professionals to work independently.  Their research unfolded the logic of natural forces.  The knowledge to use natural forces for well being of human, frightened the King’s power.  It created a conflict between Kings and Philosophers/Scientists.  The social code of agricultural society was not compatible for professionals.

A wise BRITISH KING analyzed the cultural and social problem and extended the border of Democracy from Finger to Foot.  He realized the new world which was being shaped.  He established institutions and facilitated professionals for research.  He discovered common numerical codes from finger to foot and designed grid, time, space, weight and measurement codes based on IDEOLOGY CODES.  This social contract is known as DEMOCRACY.  These reforms paved the way for capitalism and provided Global stage to rule the world.

In 18th century a visionary leader adopted the philosophy of unite and serve.  He united the states and to attract world intellectuals he set out multiple numerical codes for an industrial society.  This resulted an unmatchable economics advancement of this nation.  Time to time leaders adjusted the vision and extended their ideology border to “IN GOD WE TRUST” which divided the world into two categories; believers of revealed religions (JEWS, Christians and Muslims) and none believers (Buddhists, Hindus and others).  The slogan of “Human Rights” rewarded him popularity and might.  During this process the world was at large divided into two blocks, believers and non believers.  Both the blocks confronted and non believers block was disintegrated into many countries leaving the world in the hands of single power.

Advancement of Information Technology has caused Truth to manifest itself against all odds.  The credentials of truth are known by the test of time, good, right and truths are final, these do not merely come and go but creates new situation to restore the true balance disturbed by evil, wrong and falsehood.  Since 1993 the time theme and its mystery with relation to human history demands new coding of I.T. culture, to get our vision adjusted to the logic of events as they have unfolded themselves in the very beginning of 21st century.  To repent, amend and correct to restore the true value conforming to the universal plan, design and order of God is always rewarded by world leadership.

If you like please let me know personal Fax No. to send you by Fax codes of Democracy and proposed codes of broad based democracy for a new world order compatible to I.T. culture and 21st century.

With profound regards,